Polish your prose. Visualise your novel.

ZetaProse is a free online editing tool, designed to help you revise your novel or short fiction manuscript. This is not a proofreader! There's no spelling or grammar checker. Rather, it uses Natural Language Processing techniques and data visualisation to help you get a better feel for the big picture and the tiny details. Work on your style, word usage, pacing and structure.

It's free to use, and there's no need to sign up or log in.

Bar chart of long paragraphs

Detect long paragraphs and sentences.

Comparison of word usage to reference values

Compare your word usage to typical values in literary texts.

Visualisation of pacing

Check pacing and detect passages where your pacing flags.

Visualisation of sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis: identify upbeat and downbeat passages in your text.

Visualisation of selected words in text

Visualise all occurences of selected words in your text.

Text with highlighted filler words

Highlight filler words, repetition and dialogue tags.

Track your wordcount during writing sprints

Word sprint tool

Word sprint tool with countdown and word count.

Plot of words per minute

Track your productivity during a writing session by plotting your words per minute throughout the session.